Awareness & Education Program

BNA's Cancer Awareness and Education Initiative represent a comprehensive effort aimed at enhancing public knowledge about the disease and its impact on individuals, families, and communities. This initiative encompasses a diverse array of activities, including the dissemination of information on early detection and prevention, the organization of health camps, and the execution of awareness campaigns within schools and local communities. The program also works to improve access to quality care and support services for cancer patients and their families. The program focuses on providing education on the risk factors of cancer, early detection, and the importance of seeking timely medical care.

In tandem, efforts are concentrated on reducing the stigma and discrimination associated with the disease. Furthermore, this program focuses on empowering the capacity of healthcare professionals to deliver high-caliber care and support to those affected by cancer.

Highlights of our efforts within the Awareness & Education Program include:

- We organized more than 500 cancer awareness public lectures and conferences, in collaboration with oncologists, to provide the community with the necessary information regarding the importance of early detection and screening all over the Lebanese territory. 

- We organized with the collaboration of the Ministry of Public Health, 2 Cancer Awareness Villages (2019 & 2020). We gathered 9 hospitals, 11 universities and 17 NGOs to share knowledge, experience and provide all the visitors with the required information. We also had public lectures presented by doctors and testimonials from cancer fighters and survivors.

- Prof. Fadi Nasr organized 5 editions of the CEOP congress - Continuous Education for Oncology Practitioners which featured prominent speakers who contributed to developing the scientific program that included up-to-date topics and current findings in the Oncologic Health Care industry.

Through our dedicated Awareness & Education Program, BNA is committed to fostering informed communities, eradicating misconceptions, and advancing the quality of care and support for those navigating the challenges of cancer.