Who We Are

The Barbara Nassar Association For Cancer Patient Support (BNA) is a community of individuals dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by cancer in Lebanon. Founded in February 2014 (R.N. 237/239), the BNA strives to provide assistance, information, and advocacy to cancer patients, their families, and loved ones. Our mission is to support the emotional, social, financial, and spiritual needs of those on their cancer journey and beyond. Our community consists of patients, survivors, volunteers, supporters, oncologists and healthcare professionals, all working together to save lives.


- Lead the cancer fight and advocate for all adult cancer patients living in Lebanon.

- Provide emotional, physical and financial support for the patients and their families.

- Promote awareness on the importance of early detection and screening

- Enhance the quality of life of those affected by providing wellness programs and support.

- Guide the patients during their journey from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.

- Ensure access and affordability to potentially life-saving and essential cancer medications and healthcare services.

- Urge the Government to take action to improve the quality of life for patients and to make decisions that will help to reduce the number of people getting cancer and improve survival rates.

- Save & Celebrate Lives.


To create a world without cancer, where people can live without the fear of the disease. We strive to provide effective treatments, access to quality care, and to reduce the burden of cancer for individuals, families, and communities.

Administrative  Committee Members: (2022-2023)

  1. Hani NASSAR – President and representative of the association to the government
  2. Yola El HAJJ – Vice President
  3. Maguy El HELOU – Secretary
  4. Caroline MALAK – Treasurer
  5. Ghazali BADIN – Accountant
  6. Rasha ABI JUMAA – Software Developer
  7. Leonie NASSAR – PR and Communication

Barbara Nassar Association is a member of:

  • Fight Cancer Global
  • Arab League for Cancer Society
  • Lebanese Cancer Cooperation
  • The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

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