“At a certain point during my treatment, I needed a certain medicine worth 10,000USD that was not available at the health ministry. So I requested help from Barbara Nassar Association. Guess what? They gave me the medicine free of charge. I didn’t pay anything! I can’t believe that in Lebanon someone still does good deeds without getting anything in return.”


“Every three weeks, I had to pay to the hospital the amount of 900 USD –instead of 600 USD – for my treatment that the National Social Security Fund didn’t cover.Barbara Nassar Association helped me not only recover the extra money I had paid but also just continue paying the legal amount which was already very high.”


 “I did not imagine I would come and take a very expensive medicine (17,000,000 L.L) for free without paying anything in return. I don’t know what would I have done without Barbara Nassar Association”


“Even though you did not support me financially, but the moral support you gave me is priceless. I did not know how to deal with many issues during my journey, but your guidance made it easier for my son to continue his treatment.”


“Although my husband passed away, I will never forget your support. Ahmad left us satisfied because of your presence next to him in all his stages, and I accepted his death in an easier way.”


“God will never leave anyone alone; Barbara Nassar Association is God’s angel. Few months ago I was between life and death, you helped me in challenging myself and I won the battle at the age of 76. I decided to ran the Marathon to support other cancer patients to challenge their fears.”