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Uniting Against Cancer for Support, Awareness, and Advocacy

At the heart of our mission is to lead the charge against cancer, serving as unwavering advocates for adult cancer patients across Lebanon. Through a comprehensive approach, we extend a helping hand that reaches far beyond medical treatment. We provide a holistic support system, offering not only emotional and physical assistance but also crucial financial aid to patients and their families. Our commitment to raising awareness about early detection and screening underscores our dedication to preventing cancer's advance. With a focus on enhancing the overall quality of life for those affected, we design wellness programs and provide steadfast support networks. From the moment of diagnosis, our guidance navigates patients through the intricate journey of treatment and recovery. Our dedication to accessible and affordable cancer medications and healthcare services is aimed at safeguarding lives, while our advocacy work urges governmental action to create a landscape where patients' lives are improved and the prevalence of cancer reduced. Together, we celebrate the strength of survivors and remember those we have lost. With each step forward, we affirm our promise to save and celebrate lives

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