Financial Support Program

The Financial Support Program of BNA provides financial assistance to individuals and families affected by cancer who need help with medical costs, imaging, and other related expenses. The program is available to underprivileged individuals and families who have been diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing cancer treatment. The program also helps individuals and families access resources for additional support and information about cancer-related services and treatments. The program is funded through donations and is available to low-income individuals and families.

    -   Till January 2022, we helped 329 cancer patients to continue their treatment with dignity; we paid the amount of 405,947 USD covering 2,035 bills.

  •  We have collected medications from patients or their families and distributed them to patients in need. We provided 1,949 patients with 11,559 medications with the value of 2,840,731 USD
  • We provided 118 patients with wigs.
  • So far, Barbara Nassar Association provided financial assistance to 2,278 cancer patients worth 3,246,679 USD.

NB: Our association is comprehensive in its approach, encompassing all types of cancer and collaborating with a diverse range of hospitals and oncologists. The patients we assist have been diagnosed with 44 types of cancer, and their treatments have spanned across 71 hospitals, guided by the expertise of 129 dedicated oncologists.